Decorative Finishes for Ceilings and Walls

The FDI company has also very valued for the decoration of environments.

FDI always done wall finishes with the intent to create the right atmosphere that complements and welcomes existing decorations.

The development of this sector of the activity began here.

Many clients like to be guided through the study of the finishing of the walls of their own homes for a pleasing result of chromatic expression through their choice of various personalized finishing effects.

The company carries out multiple types of finishes, which are often studied for particulars depending on the requested needs.

Finishes range from simple painting to coating to Venetian stucco, marbleizing, encausto, fake wood, fake marble, fake stones or fake frames that are used to embellish and enhance treated surfaces.

The decision of color tones or the various possibilities are chosen through the presentation of demonstrative samples made on wood panels.

FDI is able to reproduce any type of material on any kind of support.

This allows the buyer to use his/her full imagination, save on the effective costs of rare and prestigious materials (marble, precious stones, rare woods), and obtain an optimal result. FDI is, therefore, able to transform any environment into the client’s imagined and desired place by using its own abilities.