About Franco

In the last twenty-five years, Franco degl’Innocenti has dedicated himself to the vast world of decoration, restoration, and painting, and has been continuously specializing in the creation and realization of painted murals in private residences, hotels, and sacred places by using Roman to Renaissance, and Neo-Classical to modern styles. Although he has worked in many parts of the world, he has principally worked in Europe and the United States.

His training began prematurely and in fact, he received his first evaluations from his father who loved to paint at work during the weekend and who worked as a decorator for the best ceramic companies that existed at the time in Florentine territory.

The artistic high school that he attended in Florence brought him closer to various artistic expressions, from sculptures to painting to architecture.

Finally, his professional education led him to frequent an artisanal shop where he could learn all of the rudimentary practices of the trade.

This is where he made a big jump. He decided to open up his own shop for decorating, painting, and restoration, fully aware of the road that awaited him: techniques he needed to refine, styles to personalize, and much more still to study.

From 1989, the year when he started the FDI artisanal workshop, he already had numerous and very interesting professional experiences under his belt. Each one of these, big or small, Franco degi’Innocenti utilized all of his expertise acquired in time.

From 1989, his decorative style became even more personalized: from a purely academic style, it turned into a style that was more dynamic, but one that always maintained a classical formation. The study of style is the pleasure of playing with history of art, making different periods live simultaneously by blending them together, above all, with the passion that Franco degl’Innocenti has always shown.

Flipping through an art book is like taking a fantastic trip where small things in life no longer exist, but where you get sucked up into a powerful and light whirlwind.